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Specialist MS Excel Development

Developing Excel Applications and small Databases for Business

Specialist Excel Design for Business

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We are experts in the use of Excel workbooks, including all facets of formulae, data analysis, formatting, reporting etc. We can work on your existing spreadsheets to simplify or extend (or just explain!), or design new workbooks to your spec.

We develop small and medium-scale application programs using Excel spreadsheets and the VBA programming language. This also extends out to interfacing with MS Access databases and MS Word documents, Powerpoint, data feeds etc.

These can be stand-alone, or part of a more extended suite of spreadsheets if required. Shared access and multi-user applications are no problem.

If you need to build a database, we can do that for you (Microsoft Access is our preferred small database). And we can build a custom front-end in Excel to give you a multi-user multifunctional proper application program.

We will spend time to analyse your requirements, in order to come up with a simple yet effective solution for you. We will take you through the steps of analysis, estimation and quoting, development, prototyping, testing, implementation and documentation.

File processing, reconciliations, data reformatting, complex formula manipulation, charts, dynamic reports, automated emails, workflows etc etc are all part of what we do.

If you need one-off data cleaning, merging, splitting, formatting or validation, we have many years' experience, and will be happy to give you a quote.

In addition, we can provide custom training in Excel, from simple to advanced.

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