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Specialist MS Excel Development

Developing Excel Applications and small Databases for Business.

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The Power of Excel

Using VBA programming language, Excel spreadsheets can be extended into application programs. This extended functionality, when skilfully designed and tailored to your particular needs, is extraordinarily powerful and can automate any number of tasks.

Automation of work using custom-built VBA Macros and screen "widgets" will remove so many of the repetitive manual intervention tasks that usually require time and labour.

Excel can also be a front-end interface for databases and has excellent reporting abilities. All this with none of the hassle of web deployment or needing an intranet.

Fast prototyping and rapid turn-around of bug fixes are easy with Excel. And of course you get the amazing functions and formulae available on Excel spreadsheets.

We have many years' experience of building easy-to-use and effective Excel automation tools.

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How can we help?

Bored of performing repetitive tasks with the same files every day? Reformatting data line-by-line? Reconciling files with pen and paper? Need a database on your PC, but don't know where to start?

These are all things that we can help you with, using the power of Excel and Office Automation.


We are experts in the use of Excel spreadsheets. We also develop small and medium-scale application programs using Excel spreadsheets and the VBA programming language. We are experts in database design and development.


We can also provide Excel training services at any level.



Please visit our Services page for details.

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